An encounter in Hoo Wood.

Sunrise: 07.44  Sunset: 06.03

I met a strangely dressed man in the wood this morning. “Have you seen a Harris Hawk about here?” he asked. “No!” I said. “If you give me your phone number, I will let you know if I see one.”

A few second after he had moved on, it dawned on me that I had seen the hawk yesterday, at the south end of the marsh, flying out of the wood next to the scrapyard. It was around twice the size of a buzzard. It swooped down from a tree and flew low and out of sight, around the far side of the wood, over the scrapyard. I remember wondering what it was, before being distracted by something else. I shouted after the falconer and told him what I had seen.

Later, walking back through the wood, I heard a tree branch fall and a large bird flying through the trees, towards the marsh. In the distance I could hear the falconer on the marsh, whistling for his hawk. Hopefully, they found each other.

IMG_810317TH OCTOBER 2013a19TH OCTOBER 2013a

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