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  1. That is a very pretty snail. I used to keep them as pets many moons ago, and race them against each other – not that I was sad and lonely or anything …

    • A bath in snail slime will be very good for your skin, Melody. Snail slime is protein rich, I believe.

      • HA! I think I’ll pass, actually – although I seem to recall that the slime is indeed full of good things. Now, if you could prove it to be good for wrinkles, I might take you up on it! 😉

      • Proof . . . I have none! However, wrinkles are the very thing snail slime is supposed dissolve. 😉

      • Go into you garden, find a snail and rub its foot along a wrinkle. If the wrinkle disappears after a few applications, it will be the first beauty treatment that works. 😉

      • I’ve got you there – snails are tucked in for winter already. It’s been freezing every night and daytime temps today aren’t much above zero today. Does it work vicariously? If you do the rubbing, will I be the beneficiary??

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