9 Comments on “Bumble feeding on ivy flowers.

    • Bees will remain active for as long as they are able to gather food, and there are still flowering plants on the marsh, Emily.

      • I thought that most of the bumble nests had broken up by this time of year, with the workers and males dying off, leaving the queens to go into hibernation. Perhaps the warm autumn has encouraged some to go on later than usual.

    • Were they actually building comb? Something must have gone wrong with the swarm’s decision making process, or perhaps they just couldn’t find any suitable cavities on the marsh. I doubt they will have done well swarming that late in the year, poor things.

      • I arranged for the bees, together with some of the comb, to be transferred to a hive, Emily.

        I think the bees just built the comb where the queen settled.

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