Culex pipiens (male).

Sunrise: 07.19  Sunset: 06.34

There are still a lot of Culex pipiens flying about in Hoo Wood, and on Wilden Marsh. The males don’t bite, but the females do. I think it’s this mosquito’s bite is responsible for the huge swellings that appears on my exposed skin. 

IMG_77205TH OCTOBER 2013a

Culex pipiens (male).

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  1. I’ve also heard (I don’t know if it’s true) that male mosquitoes make the high-pitched buzzing sound, and that the female is silent. Stands to reason, since the females are the ones that bite — they can get in their surprise attack, lol!

  2. The buzzing sound is made by the mosquito beating its wings, Becky, so both male and female buzz.

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