3 Comments on “Why is this called a snout moth?

  1. “The Southern or American Snout Butterfly has an unusual appearance on two counts: it’s forewing tips are scared off, and it has a long ‘nose’ or snout-like protuberance from its face. Its wings from above are a black-brown colour with orange patches at the bases and white patches on the forewing tips. From below, its forewings match the upper side, while the hindwings are pale, mottled grey and brown, resembling a dry leaf. This migratory butterfly can appear in huge numbers in the southern part of its range, woth swarms often exceeding the million mark”

  2. Information from “A Concise Guide to Butterflies and Moths” by Elizabeth Balmer and published by Parragon. (2007)

  3. Very nice, Alastair. However, I don’t feel that it warrants a gold star, but I urge you to continue trying. 😉

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