18 Comments on “Do nettles sting snails?

  1. I can eat raw nettles, without them stinging me. It is a foragers trick!

    Well, there’s a few foragers tricks with Nettle, here’s some Snail Wisdom! One, stay away from the stingers on the bottom side of the leaf, topside lays down easier. Two, enough steady pressure deactivates hairs. Three, once hairs are touched and de-activated, they’re fine to eat, even raw! Four, a snail has logistics that fall within these parameters to get from leaf to leaf, as the picture demonstrates.

    We Professional Foragers love to shock classes of students by eating raw nettles in front of them. This snail wisdom applies to us too, we get an ooh and ahhh’s from the class, but what folks aren’t really paying attention to is we’re folding the leaf over and applying a light pressure, the leaf goes into my mouth with hairs deactivated and then chewed very well. 🙂

    I always feel a little funny after sharing snail secrets, like somehow, I just violated some code of silence.


    • Thanks for this interesting post. Snail mucus neutralises histamine and other irritating chemicals present in the nettle sting formula, and is very good for ironing out facial wrinkles. A woman’s morning ritual should include rubbing a snail over her face. 🙂


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