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  1. Amazing how colorful flies can be so close-up. However, it doesn’t make me any less grossed out by them when they pester me or get in the house!
    Fantastic Photo though.

    • Flies are an integral part of our ecosystems. As part of food chains, flies and other insects provide sustenance (dinner) for countless other animals. For instance, one crow can eat 1000 pints of them. The grubs of flies convert rotting flesh into eddible protein and can clean a wound of gangrenous flesh. How is it we find such a useful insects gross.

      Apart from being food, flies are a marvel of mechanics and they have their own beauty. If we know and understand their good points, flies they are much easier to appreciate. They will always be annoying pests, but then so are some people. 😉

      • Ah yes, correct you are! I did fail to mention their importance to our habitat and ecosystem, much like mosquitoes and ants are. I think the fly which I am particularly creeped out by is maybe only the bot fly. Although that fly itself isnt particularly disturbing, the way it reproduces makes my skin crawl. Still yes, they are all an integral part of the natural world.

      • Hehehe…I dont believe I am related to that Vogel, but then again, there are a lot of Vogels in my family who I do not yet know of either…Although I think the greater majority reside in the Netherlands.

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