It’s good to share.

Sunrise: 06.52  Sunset: 07.12

The hornet was back at its drinking crevice tonight, together with moths and slugs. The oak tree must be pumping out tasty sap. They were very tolerant of each other, and waited patiently for their turn at the trough.


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  1. Wow, no fighting over the trough? This is a great example how diverse animal species have a need for common sources of sustenance.

    • It may seem that way, Becky. That hornet, for instance, can release an attack pheromone that will attract every hornet in the vicinity to sting you into submission. You need to be bit careful around them. Fortunately, I don’t seem to pose much of a threat to hornets. I do carry a fine mesh head cover, just in case. However, my heart rate increases whenever I stumble upon a hornet nest.

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