Sunrise: 06.50  Sunset: 07.15

It was quiet in the wood this evening. The only thing I saw worth photographing was a hornet having a drink from an oak tree crevice.

IMG_685918TH SEPTEMBER 2013a

12 Comments on “Hornet.

  1. How close did you get to the hornet to take its photo? If close, you are brave.

    I only saw the ant when people mentioned it in the comments.

    • My camera was about. 12″ from the hornet, Alex; I was underneath, looking up.

      Hornets love oak sap and sugary substances; they particularly like apples. I often see them in and on the marsh apples that have fallen from the tree – they will eat apples on the tree, too. I have to take care when handling and eating the marsh applies, or I might eat a hornet too. They also like eating moths and other insects. The hornet’s sting is very powerful, and it can sting multiple times.

      I have not found hornets to be particularly aggressive, if left alone. However, they can be persistent attackers when annoyed.

      • Not braver than you! Over familiar with the insects might be more accurate. One day they will bite or sting me, and I will be more careful.

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