“Hand it over, mate!”

Sunrise: 06.02 am   Sunset: 08.21

“Psst! You with the camera!”

“Who me?”

“You see anyone else with a camera around here? Are you a comedian, or are you trying to annoy me? Yes, I mean You!”


“I need sugar, mate? You got any sugar?”


“Hand over the sugar, loser, or I bite!”

IMG_439816TH AUGUST 2013B

11 Comments on ““Hand it over, mate!”

    • It is a belligerent insect, we have had words before. I was bitten a few times last week, and this tiny critter might well be the culprit. I didn’t have any sugar, so this fly was backing a bum horse. Anyway, I am bigger and don’t frighten so easily. 😀

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!!
    I was reading a few days ago that some insects like not only sugar, but also beer…If you have drunk some beers you are more likely to be bitten!

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