If you don’t like spiders . . .

Sunrise: 05.57 am   Sunset: 08.27 pm

. . . don’t walk through Hoo Wood after dark!

IMG_448018TH AUGUST 2013B

Night Spider.

IMG_448718TH AUGUST 2013B

Night Spider.

12 Comments on “If you don’t like spiders . . .

    • Surely not? If you were wandering around Hoo Wood in the dark, then maybe – there are a lot of spiders there. They are spinning webs across the tracks at about my mouth level. Some of them are as big as my hand and extremely hairy. The spider in this post has a body length of 30 mm or more. 😉

  1. I see you are still mooching about in the dark. Excellent images Dr. Mike.

    • Thanks! I am, John: not up to speed with my torch and scanning technique yet this year, but these will improve. It’s taking me longer to get around in the darkness; my torch makes insects easier to see, so I am spending time in the bushes.

  2. Cracking pics! The first one looks almost like a human hanging up side down! Great photos Mike thanks for sharing and keep em coming. 🙂

    • Thanks, Mark. The reason the spider might look strange is that it has six legs instead of the usual eight. 😉

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