Peacock Butterfly.

Sunrise: 05.43 am   Sunset: 09.09 pm

I stretched to my limit over a thick bramble bush to get this image. Moving closer and closer, hoping it wouldn’t fly away, the peacock slowly filled my viewfinder. I resisted the temptation to act before I was ready. This would be a one shot opportunity, I knew that! My flash would surely send the butterfly into the air. I struggled to keep my balance, and the camera steady. Holding my breath, the auto-focus beeped, I pressed the button, saw the flash, and promptly collapsed into the bramble bush.

Was the image worth the effort? Well, I achieved what I had set out to do, I was not able to alter camera settings, and it was an extreme shot. Under better circumstances, I could have done better! Another second and I would have shaken too much to get an auto-focus lock, and I would still have fallen into the brambles, a failure! Ha-ha!

IMG_317431 STJULY 2013

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  1. Oh the times I’ve ended up on my backside or in a bush because I’ve overreached! There were so many peacocks out at Wisley yesterday I was surrounded by them whilst standing in the flower bed by the buddleja. I haven’t seen so many all together for years! Wonderful sight 🙂 Do you use an external flash and diffuser?

  2. Ah, but did you end-up on your backside having captured the image. 😉
    I use my camera’s pop-up flash most of the time.

  3. you were really lucky to do this photo. Since days I’m hunting after butterflies and they always fly away…

    • Butterflies can be very flighty creatures; there are also some that just sit there, apparently oblivious to everything.

  4. I fell in the brambles photographing the Large Blue at Collard Hill. I’m rather expert at it now. Falling in that is.

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