Green Veined White butterfly.

Sunrise: 05.43 am   Sunset: 09.09 pm

I shot this image when in Hoo Wood with Spike, my Welsh Cocker Spaniel. Spike has grown used to, what must be to him, my unbearably slow progress. Most of the time he will wait patiently for me to shoot my images. For some reason he prefers to wait behind me (back down the track). When he is ahead, and I stop to photograph something, he will walk past me to sit and wait. This is not a problem unless he is too far ahead and realises I am not behind him, he will then come bounding past me. This often frightens my target insects.

This is what happened as I moved in on the green veined white butterfly, with my camera to my eye. I walked on my knees along the track and  Spike shot past, between me and the butterfly. On this occasion the butterfly didn’t flinch, so this was a much easier shot than my last post: the Peacock Butterfly.

IMG_313631 STJULY 2013

Green Veined White Butterfly.

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  1. You’re lucky there Mike, my silly spaniel comes hurtling back and leaps all over me whenever I stop to take a picture. Drives everything away and me demented. Where the devil are you, anyway? Holiday perhaps?

    • I was on holiday at a small marsh nature reserve, 200 miles away along the welsh coast. I didn’t have an Internet connection; not even my Blackberry could connect me. I’m back now.

  2. I attempted to take photos of white butterflies today, which is hard because they never stay still for long, unlike other species of butterfly.

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