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Sunrise: 06.17 am   Sunset: 08.01 I don’t want to appear to be favouring greenbottles. 😉 The bluebottle is a similar species to the greenbottle fly, a close relative that can be distinguished by its bright green metallic colouring. Bluebottle fly adults feed on nectar, and in common with humans, the larvae feed on carcasses of dead animals. Adults are also pollinators to some flowers with strong odour.

Sunrise: 06.17 am   Sunset: 08.01 I have watched this spider grow from a little thing to the monster it is now; I stop and check it out twice a day. If I get too close, the spider rushes to protect the packed lunch it is probably keeping for a rainy day.

Sunrise: 06.17 am   Sunset: 08.01 Possessing a gold coloured thorax, surely means that this green bottle has reached the rank of Centurion. The lowly green bottle is a blow fly common to most areas of the world; its maggots are used to clean infected wounds.

Sunrise: 06.18 am   Sunset: 07.59 The roots of hedge bindweed penetrate the ground to depths of 5m (16ft) or more, and established colonies can spread outwards by 2m (6ft) or more in a season. I like to see the bindweed flower on the marsh.  

Sunrise: 06.17 am   Sunset: 08.01 A Gorse Spider Mite (Tetranychus lintearius), wove this glove for this gorse bush – fine work, too.

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