10 Comments on “Holly Blue Butterfly.

  1. I love your butterfly photos Mike, this one is especially stunning!

    • Thanks, Dom. I expect this butterfly will be sheltering from the torrential rain under a holly leaf at the moment. Have you finished your stint at Lower Smite Farm?

    • I don’t know if you have double clicked the images to expand them, Dom, but the wing surface structure and texture is amazing. I think this butterfly has corduroy wings.

  2. Yes I’ve just zoomed in – they are amazing creatures. The peacock shot above looks worth your efforts, it’s such a fantastic photo! Yes it was my last day at work today, so as soon as the autumn migration starts properly, I’ll be down on the marsh. I’m really looking forward to it – haven’t been there for a few months now!

  3. Life keeps moving on, Dom. New challenges, exciting happenings, and much to achieve. The alternative is staying at home, watching television, and contemplating the meaning of life. Far better to be out there experiencing all that life has to offer. I’m looking forward to autumn on the marsh too. 🙂

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