Hover-fly (Melanostoma scalare).

Sunrise: 05.04 am   Sunset: 09.25 pm

I find this little hover-fly very attractive and well proportioned. It hovers as if suspended in time; without warning it darts  from one position to another – often, just inches apart. I think of it as a flying torpedo.

IMG_239413TH JULY 2013

Melanostoma scalare.

IMG_239513TH JULY 2013

Melanostoma scalara.

5 Comments on “Hover-fly (Melanostoma scalare).

  1. These gorgeous Macros Mike. I love em all. Tell me what gear do you use? Especially what lens for the Macros. I am currently using the Sigma 105mm which I find really nice. I let it down more than it lets me !

      • Brilliant thanks for the info. I use a Nikon 3DS, and for the macro stuff as mentioned above the Sigma. However, I have just been pointed toward a close up lens/filter. Never been that fond of these attachments but in this case, the photographer who recommended it (in a video I had bought), was himself a NIkon man but suggested the Canon 500D Close up lens. He suggests that it is better on a lens of 300mm or larger! His name Tony Sweet and his 4.5 hour video tutorial is available from Peachpit Press. If you are interested it is on offer for $11. download, should be $40.
        The only reason I am even considering it is because of the Brand name behind it. I can’t imagine Canon putting out a schlock bit of glass! Plus the results he seemed to have looked very good.

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