Can anyone guess what I’m seeing a lot of?

Sunrise: 05.02 am   Sunset: 09.27 pm

The sun has shone for a week and is forecast to continue of at least a month, the bees, hover-flies and other flying insects reign  supreme at the moment.

My dog made the mistake of diving down what he thought was a  newly dug badger’s sett, in Hoo Wood this morning, only to discover that the badger had been digging-up a bee nest. Spike came out of that hole in a flash, covered in stinging bees. He felt sorry for himself for a while, but he’s OK now. Spike is a roughy-tuffy Welsh Cocker Spaniel that shakes most things off, even stinging bees.

IMG_236913TH JULY 2013

17 Comments on “Can anyone guess what I’m seeing a lot of?

  1. Oh Mike I’ve ‘liked’ this but I don’t like the thought of your crazy spaniel getting stung! 🙁
    I have a woosy pathetic cocker spaniel and she would take forever and a day to get over the trauma of getting stung by a bee, let alone many. As would I, frankly!

    • Well, Lucy, I can tell you that Spike is no longer bothered about the bee stings he received earlier today. I dare say he will avoid that particular hole in the ground tomorrow, but I can’t help smiling, no laughing, at the memory of him dancing about. 🙂 😀 Spike is indeed a tuff dog that is afraid of very little, apart from riding in my car, nail clippers, crackly plastic, and . . .

  2. What type of bees were they? Unusual to have a honey bee nest so low to the ground, were they bumbles? I hear their sting is particularly bad, poor Spike!

    • They were bumble bees, Emily. I have found quite a few bumble bee nests this year; all below ground and dug-up by badgers and foxes. Since their stingers do not have barbs, the bumble bee can sting repeatedly – unlike honey bees that only sting once.

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