Bee on a comfrey flower.

Sunrise: 04.46 am   Sunset: 09.32 pm

Lots of bees collecting nectar from the comfey flowers at the moment.

IMG_039211TH JUNE 2013BIMG_033711TH JUNE 2013B

4 Comments on “Bee on a comfrey flower.

    • Thanks, Phil. The bee and the comfrey flower do have a particularly close relationship. The bees appear to be cuddling the long narrow flowers, which often, and with surprising ease, detach from the plant with the struggling weight of large bumble bees.

    • Thanks, Inga. The comfrey plants in Hoo Wood are looking very sorry for themselves. The bees have ravaged the flowers in their frantic search for nectar. There are not many juicy flowering plants at the moment. Honeysuckle has just started to bloom in a few places, the foxgloves buds are poised to burst, broom, and that’s about it. There are a few other low nectar producing plants flowering plants at the moment. The bees are having a hard time of it so far this year – again!

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