Garden Tiger (Arctia caja) Caterpillar.

Sunrise: 04.48 am   Sunset: 09.30 pm

IMG_99066TH JUNE 2013A7TH JUNE 2013

Garden Tiger (Arctia caja) Caterpillar.

2 Comments on “Garden Tiger (Arctia caja) Caterpillar.

  1. Your talent as a photographer is incredible. These pictures would be fantastic in children’s books. So detailed and so vivid. What camera are you using for these close-ups? I have hundreds of insect/nature pics, but none with the clarity and detail of your shots.

  2. It’s very nice of you to say such nice things about my photography , womanwhothinkstoomuch, but my talent hardly rates as average in the scheme of things – I appreciate the compliment, though. I use a lowly Canon 500D with a 60 mm EFS macro lens. 🙂

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