I am interested in your perception of insects.

Sunrise: 04.50 am   Sunset: 09.26 pm

I’m interested in your perception of insects.

Take this sawfly (Rhogogaster genistae), for instance (the insect, not the photograph). Could you take part in the poll below, please, and tell me how you feel about this insect?


IMG_98725TH JUNE 2013

11 Comments on “I am interested in your perception of insects.

  1. I enjoy macro photography. I have, as a result run into a few entomologists. The bugs I hated and shied away from are now fascinating. That said I am not sure whether or not to show any new ones I take on my WordPress Blog, as reactions differ.


    • I find all insects very compelling, Vicktor. Insects are the way they are for very good reasons, and their mechanics are often wondrous and fascinating.


      • I agree. I just wish I could find more to photograph on their home turf. The entomologists all suggest nets 🙂


  2. I have seen sawflies on Solomon seals and gooseberries but whether they are the same as your handsome creature, I don’t know.


  3. Insects are a vital part of my every day job. I love them all, good and bad and I can’t think of one I’ve ever thought of as being ugly. Great picture 🙂


  4. Love the pictures and love the insects, But no photos of the less spectacular and more troublesome species like the house fly or the gnat. Not photogenic enough or do they not conform to your rosy view of our six-footed friends?


    • I dispute your assumption that Musca domestica or the gnat are less spectacular or troublesome than other flies I have photographed for this blog, Richard. For an image of a house fly or gnat to get on this blog, it has to be photographed in Hoo Wood or on Wilden Marsh.

      Getting a decent image of a gnat is not an easy task for me, and the same applies to the phantom midges I have posted.

      Have a safe flight home. 🙂


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