20 Comments on “Is this weevil ugly, or cute?

      • that & the weird things off each side…that’s the main bits…also the eyes & almost looks like fur. 😉
        I get creeped-out easy…lol

  1. I like it. The schnoz is a bit long to be cute, but it certainly isn’t repulsive.

    • I think all little girls should have a pet weevil in a match box. When I was a small boy, I would place weevils in little girl’s school desks. 😀

    • There are so many weevils in Hoo Wood, Jules, that it’s not difficult. They seem so innocuous sitting quietly on leaves: rarely moving when I am photographing them.

  2. I’d say probably neither, but more cute than ugly. And fascinating. Do you know why the nose is so long?

    • The long snout is used for feeding and for making cavities in which the eggs are laid in buds, fruits, seeds, stems, and roots of plants, Emily. At the end of the long snout are the weevil’s mouth parts. When the grubs (larvae) emerge, they feed within the plant parts. Infested fruits fall from the trees, or become stunted, scarred, or wormy, and are generally unfit to eat. Buds and seeds are destroyed by weevils and their larvae, and plants are weakened by their attacks.

      • Thanks – I feel like I know much more about weevils now! They’re not a creature I’ve really noticed before. Your photos help bring all these tiny animals up close.

    • I can see you have spent a little time considering your feelings toward the insect, Suzy. 🙂

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