Heron takes fright!

Sunrise: 04.52 am   Sunset: 09.23 pm

IMG_82402ND JUNE 2013

The heron sees me!

IMG_82412ND JUNE 2013

It’s in the air!

IMG_82442ND JUNE 2013

It’s away down the river.

6 Comments on “Heron takes fright!

    • I visited them today, Phil. 8 herons circled the heronry, making it plain that they didn’t like the intrusion. The stinging nettles were 5 feet tall, and it is just the beginning of the growing season. The track I made through the vegetation on my previous visit a week ago, had almost completely healed over.

      • Do you still have any scratches or scrapes from hiking through all the vegetation that need to heal over?

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