Sunrise: 05.03 am   Sunset: 09.09 pm

This St. Mark’s fly was killed with a stab to its abdomen. I wonder who the killer is? whodunit?

IMG_880121ST MAY 2013

St. Mark’s Fly.

20 Comments on “Whodunit?

      • What evidence do you have? Are you just quoting hearsay? Are you prepared to stand up in court?

      • I’ll stand up in court. Maybe not the same one you are in, but I’ll stand up in court. Again

      • Do you know what has happened to the arrow launched by this Mr. Sparrow?

      • I don’t think you are taking this seriously! I suspect you are telling lies and interfering with a murder inquiry. This is a serious matter, Alastair, that will land you in serious trouble.

      • Oh it is serious. Have you checked your cutlery drawer in the last ten minutes?

      • Did you put a tiny arrow in my cutlery draw, Alastair. Planting evidence is a very serious offence. I will now send two men in a van to visit you.

      • Too late! My men have already left, and they have a large bag of weevils for you. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes tomorrow.

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