16 Comments on “Weevil 2.

    • Thanks! I bet there are many Canadian weevils hiding under your bed; they are so small that you are probably not aware of them. You need to be particularly careful to avoid the nose weevil, they are troublesome critters.;)

      • I just googled it; says we have them in North America”. I think as long as ours don’t look like that one, I may be alright with it…maybe 😉

      • You have the nose, toe, cheese and biscuit weevils, and they are the worst kind. 🙂

      • O-No!…that’s terrible! lol They will now be added to the top of my list, of insects I don’t like (only the creepy weird looking ones 🙂 )

    • Indeed it is! There are many monsters in my macro world, some too frightening to show here. 🙂

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