Purple for Phil.

Sunrise: 05.15 am   Sunset: 08.57 pm

Is it possible to get more purple than this? As we get older, Phil, our colour receptors find it increasingly difficult to register and distinguish vivid colours, so I might be seeing a less intense purple than you. I see an intense purple, with streaks of pastel blue.

IMG_838113TH MAY 2013A

10 Comments on “Purple for Phil.

    • Thank you! Spring is definitely something to be revelled in. I have revelled in spring for many years. 🙂

    • In spite of being, potentially, as dangerous as the foxglove, this abundant spring flower appears to have caused little harm. I suspect this is because people don’t use bluebells to sweeten their drinks and cakes, Suzanne. 😉

  1. Oh I see the intense purple with the blue streaks perfectly. Looks just fantastic, and I see you snuck in a bit of yellow also.

  2. I think this is one of my favorite flower photos you’ve ever posted. Stunning! Loving the vivid color!

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