I don’t beelieve it!

Sunrise 05.20 am   Sunset: 08.52 pm

As I pressed the shutter, this bee stuck its tongue out at me. Huh! A bee with attitude! What next?

IMG_820511TH MAY 2013

29 Comments on “I don’t beelieve it!

    • Do you think your adjective is suitable for this image, Alastair? Wouldn’t gruesome be more appropriate?

      • Unless you’d prefer me to use gruesome, in which case – it’s your blog, I’ll use gruesome.

      • It’s 00:16 here. I’m about to go to sleep now. I’m using the app on my phone

      • It’s the same time here. Your not one of the new people who just moved in next door to me, are you?

      • Hope not. I’ve been living here for two and a half years. Although some people have just moved upstairs

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