The head of a butterfly.

Sunrise 05.38 am   Sunset: 08.35 pm

IMG_69672ND MAY 2013

11 Comments on “The head of a butterfly.

      • So many people ask me this question, Alastair. The answer is: sometimes they fly away, and sometimes they don’t. 🙂

      • At least I know I am not doing anything wrong then. You do damn good job with them

      • I do 🙂 Photography is one of the few things that I can say I am slightly good at

      • Well, if it’s any consolation to you, I am mostly dissatisfied with my images. They differ too much from the pictures in my mind. I am struggling to find my perfect image.

      • You’re dissatisfied? With them? I would sell my soul for photos like them!!

      • Don’t sell your soul for mediocre images, Alastair. In fact don’t sell your soul at any price – better you pay the price that should get you reasonable images. The price is lots and lots of practice and experimentation – I think! 🙂

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