6 thoughts on “Neuroctena anilis.

      • Mine will go to 3.5 so I will have to see what I can do in the summer. Your photos are inspiring. I would love to get some half as good as yours. I see some of mine and think “that’s not bad” see yours and think “mine’s crap” 😆 I shall endeavour to take photos of other things first though rather than disturbing bugs 🙂

        Thank you


  1. Take your macro photographs with confidence.Believe that you are capable of capturing a great image. Take the image quickly, and don’t make a meal of it. Thinking too much can result in a soft image, or a missed photo opportunity.. More importantly, take photographs of anything that interests your eye. Don’t try to make images that you think other people will want to see.Make the images in your mind before you make it in your camera – this is the most difficult thing of all to master. No go forward and create images that please you, for this is the last and only advice I can give you; I don’t know any more .:).


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