The insects ARE coming.

Sunrise 05.38 am   Sunset: 08.35 pm

IMG_685401ST MAY 2013

22 Comments on “The insects ARE coming.

  1. WOW. W O W

    “How am I going to raise the bar?” he says and then produces this. Truly magnificent

    • Thanks, Alastair. Do you think this image has raised my bar? 🙂 This is an incredibly small flying insect, and I had difficulty focusing on those tiny eyes.

  2. What a wonderful looking critter. Was looking at the mandible parts of a locust under macro lens the other day, and there were the Aliens from District Nine looking up at me….. some inspiration eh?

  3. Those are some antennae on that beast. Is it a moth? Looks like an alien from “Men in Black”.

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