Hold her steady, Pilot. Steady … steady … steadeeey. Bomb gone!

Sunrise 05.42 am   Sunset: 08.32 pm

I strolled through Hoo Wood yesterday, minding my business, whistling softly, when something hit me on top of my head – it had a bit of momentum behind it, too. A small brown thing tumbled through the air, landing on the track in front of me.  It was a shrew! As I knelt to investigate, it gasped a couple of times and died.  Small animals colliding with  my head is becoming a regular event; I wonder why?

IMG_659828TH APRIL 2013

20 Comments on “Hold her steady, Pilot. Steady … steady … steadeeey. Bomb gone!

    • I’ve only been hit on the head once with a shrew, and it was alive at the time. There is still time for you, too, Ann. 😉

      • A possibility! I wonder what an anti-shrew hat might look like, Melody? What about the other things that have collided with my head, like: pigeon, blackbird, and squirrels? An anti-shrew hat might not offer enough protection against these other impacts. 🙁

      • I’m thinking that whatever your anticipated headgear might require, you might end up looking rather – er, ‘interesting’… 😀

      • Which is exactly why I’m not planning any special precautions. 🙂

  1. I agree with Ashley – I’d probably freak out.

    I’m still waiting for the day when I’m looking straight up at a bird in a tree and bird poo lands on my glasses.

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