Flowering Currant.

This flowering currant bloomed on the same day this year, as last year: 4th April.

IMG_528111TH  APRIL 2013

6 Comments on “Flowering Currant.

  1. does that mean the spring came at the same time .. or the timing of the current depends on more than temperature?

  2. It means that the currant plant bloomed on the same day as last year, Christine. The daffodils flowered on the same day as last year also, but the bluebells are late. 🙂

  3. Love the colour of this currant Mike! I was on the marsh yesterday and saw the first swallow of the year. Lots of chiffchaffs around too and a treecreeper – a first for the survey! Other than that, not a great deal around.

    • It is a strong, vibrant colour. The growing season is picking up now, Dom. Clouds of flies are rising when the sun shines, and blooms are appearing in hollows.

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