1st Fox Den Watch.

Sunrise 06.25 am      Sunset: 07.57 pm

This evening was my first time in the fox watching tree, this year; I’m sure it was an easier climb last year.

I wedged my hard plank seat between two thick branches, hung the camo-netting, and tied my camera in place. At 6.30, I was sitting uncomfortable, overlooking the den. For the next hour and a half, I watched the light slowly fade to semi-darkness.  A few minutes after eight o’clock, I spotted a fox, in a hurry, making for the den. The fox stopped and urinated: it was the dog. He passed the den without looking towards it, or slowing-down, and then disappeared into thin air.  I have no idea where he went!

With my camera set on a high ISO the images are not of very good quality, but they are better than nothing at all, and a first night result.

IMG_78449TH  APRIL 2013 IMG_78539TH  APRIL 2013 IMG_78549TH  APRIL 2013

16 Comments on “1st Fox Den Watch.

    • Thanks, Alex. I am glad the evenings are getting warmer. The breeze was brisk last night, though.

  1. good luck for the first night mike … cant you make your seat any more comfortable? i am sure the climb will get easier with the coming warmth … great to see your dog fox 🙂

    • Thanks, Christine. My plank seat does have padding, but there isn’t much room in the tree for comfort. It should get more comfortable as time goes by, and my bum gets used to the cramped conditions. 🙂

      • good to hear your bum is adaptable … my body gets less patient with difficulties so i have to find ways to provide comfort … should be interesting on our 4WD and boat camping trip across the Kimberley in June!

      • Like mine, Christine, your bum will adapt. I hope you have a really fantastic camping trip in June.

    • It’s a pleasant experience sitting in a tree, watching life go by, especially when there is a point to it. The only reason I came down from the tree, instead of carrying on watching through my night scope, is that I told my wife I would be home at 8 o’clock for my evening meal.

  2. Believe me, Suzanne; there is nothing quite like sitting up a tree, instead of in a comfy chair watching television. I know which one I prefer when it’s dry and not too cold.

    As for where the dog fox was going? I think he was frantically searching for the vixen’s dinner, and was worried about getting an ear-full for his incompetence.

  3. You make me feel guilty as all I have to do is sit at the end of our drive. I’ve even been known to use the car as a hide!

  4. I imagine it can get quite hard up there in the tree so thank you for your endurance. I know when you snap those babies later in the year it will be so worth it!

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