Standing Still.

Sunrise 05.53 am      Sunset: 06.36 pm

Spring is officially here, but it’s so cold that nothing much is happening.

The only bloom on the marsh at the moment is lesser celandine.

Last year the first daffodil  fully bloomed in Hoo Wood on 28th March, and these images are of the first daffodil to bloom in Hoo Wood this year, on 28th March, so something is on time at least. Lets see if the first bluebell blooms on 6th April, as last year.

I think the  north marsh vixen has earthed. I passed the den this morning and could see that she had been busy collecting  moss.

IMG_469128TH  MARCH 2013IMG_469528TH  MARCH 2013

3 Comments on “Standing Still.

  1. The Winter seems to have taken its toll on the daffodil. I hope for warmer weather, when this Jet Stream moves.


    • Fortunately, nature is able to adapt and bounce back. The animals are not having an easy time. Toad activity in North Pond seems to have ceased; hopefully, they will try again during the 2nd week in April. The minimum temperature for the near future is -10 degrees centigrade. It’s nice to see the sun again, though.


      • I noted the trees around me have stopped attempting to grow leaves. I wonder what this will do to the fruit harvest this year? Yes, nature is a great adapter.


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