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Sunrise 06.46 am      Sunset: 07.42 pm In Hoo Wood this evening, the larch trees and a couple of gorse bushes are the only things blooming. The larch blooms are only 6 mm tall, but I think they are very attractive at night.

Sunrise 06.46 am      Sunset: 07.42 pm

29th March 23013                       Sunrise 05.51 am      Sunset: 06.38 pm I have mentioned in previous posts that foxes are not dullards. They are sometimes called vermin, but are not classified as vermin in the UK. The fox is a primary predator that eats vermin; in particular, it helps control the population of rats, pigeons and other small marsh animals. Foxes… Read More

28th March 23013                       Sunrise 05.51 am      Sunset: 06.38 pm The UK bird nesting season started on March 1st and ends 31st July. It’s time to raise the  marsh water levels to attract the wading birds. The first of the south marsh sluice boards were fitted yesterday, and more are to be installed next week. The Canada geese have already noticed… Read More

Sunrise 05.53 am      Sunset: 06.36 pm Spring is officially here, but it’s so cold that nothing much is happening. The only bloom on the marsh at the moment is lesser celandine. Last year the first daffodil  fully bloomed in Hoo Wood on 28th March, and these images are of the first daffodil to bloom in Hoo Wood this year, on 28th March, so something is on time at least. Lets… Read More

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