Hi there! I’ve been told you have a pie. Any left?

I am afraid, my greedy, floating, feathered friend, that the pie and your question are now just a little stale. And before you ask, it’s duck and kidney.



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      • Interesting, I have been looking at that as an additional lens and wondered how it performed. Are you pleased with it? I currently use a canon 400mm 5.6L but sometimes it’s just not enough and I can’t afford to go up to a canon 500mm.

      • I am pleased with the Sigma lens, but I would also be pleased with a Canon 400 lens – probably more so. I suppose you should compare the quality of my Sigma images, and your Canon 400 images.

      • Thanks Mike, I love my 400mm lens, I just find it is a bit limiting at times. Having said that it is so easy to use for birds in flight whereas a longer lens would be too heavy. I’ll keep watching your photos.

      • You could try a 1.4x extender. I sometimes use a 1.4x and a 2x extender with my Sigma len – not very often though. I find extenders useful when using a tripod.

      • I have both but they don’t work with autofocus. The 1.4 should but it let me down last time I tried it and I haven’t checked it out since. The problem is I track the birds and often switch quickly from one view to another (pilipala style) so autofocus is almost a must for me. I might try it again next week as we are going to the Cotswolds Water Park.

      • The autofocus should work in ‘live view’ mode, using the * button to activate autofocus.

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