The Dreaded Himalayan Balsam.

Sunrise 07.47 am      Sunset: 05.00 pm

The dreaded Himalayan balsam poking its twin leaves through the leaf litter.


6 Comments on “The Dreaded Himalayan Balsam.

  1. I didn’t know what a Himalayan Balsam was, or why it is dreaded.
    So, I just looked it up. And oh. Invasive. One who chokes the others out.
    Tell it to go back to bed.

    • The marsh cattle love to eat Himalayan balsam, Mary; the insects love it, too. However, it is a pest of a plant.

  2. Well…as long as the cattle and bugs keep eating (and eating a lot), makybe they can keep it in check. The deer around here love to eat poison ivy, so that is a plus too.

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