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Monthly Archives: January 2013

This is the first daisy I have seen since the end of the last growing season.

Shetland cattle in the north pasture: As soon as the head cow sets eyes on me, she bellows and they all chase after me at full speed. It can be a little worrying when five cows threaten to run a person down; fortunately, I know they will stop and not bowl me over. The little calf is in the herd somewhere.

This is Cladonia furcata, a lichenized species of fungi in the Cladoniaceae family. Extracts from this species have been shown to kill leukemia cells in vitro, and may have possible value in the treatment of cancer. It grows in the beach sand, forming a soft green carpet. The height of this fungi carpet is approximately 50 mm.

Dominique, the Trusts Conservation Assistant and Volunteer Co-ordinator, brought this scarlet elf cap for me to have a look at this afternoon at the Wilden Marsh workday. The twig thickness is approximately 12 mm.

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