Ice Sculpture.

Sunrise 08:02 am      Sunset: 04:41 pm

IMG_245323RD JANUARY 2013A

IMG_245423RD JANUARY 2013A

14 Comments on “Ice Sculpture.

  1. Nice images. It’s a bit like looking at the flames in an open fire, you can see all sorts of things in the ice.

    • Sorry Mike, I missed this response. I can see a canine head in the top image, the back of a beetle underneath that, a scarey face on the left edge. The second image is like an underwater scene with a large cylinrical plant in the center, crab-like legs on the left, a fish head at the bottom and bubbles and debris flating about generally. How’s that?

  2. Well, I see a face of some kind there, though I wouldn’t have identified it as a badger per se. More like a dog haunted by some inconceivable malady. Its slightly drooping reflection definitely contributes to the overall dystopian feeling in the picture. And at the bottom, the ice sculpture morphs into a kind of Earth. Really marvelous, and open to so much…

    • That’s the thing about looking into ice and flames: nothing is clear cut, and one is easily deceived. :),

  3. If you don’t look at the two top “ears” on the second image, it’s definitely a snakes head…

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