Dried Spear Thistle Heads.

Sunrise 08:05 am      Sunset: 04:36 pm

Erect, leafy. ferociously spiny, hairy annual or biannual of pastures, roadsides and waste ground. This is probably the true Scots Thistle; the larger thistle of that name is rare in Scotland. It is said that thistles impeded a surprise nighttime attack by the Danes during the Battle of Largs, by pricking the attackers,  whose cries of pain alerted the defenders. Like other thistles, the flowers attract bumble bees. The fruits are often eaten by beetle larvae.

IMG_226719TH JANUARY 2013a21ST JANUARY 2013

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  1. Thanks, Stephen. The thistle was photographed against a snow background, with the aid of the on board flash – which is why the image is a little over exposed.

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