Scarlet Elf Cap Fungus.

Dominique, the Trusts Conservation Assistant and Volunteer Co-ordinator, brought this scarlet elf cap for me to have a look at this afternoon at the Wilden Marsh workday.

The twig thickness is approximately 12 mm.

IMG_130203ND JANUARY 2013

6 Comments on “Scarlet Elf Cap Fungus.

  1. The photo came out really well then Mike – it’s so detailed and sharp! I shall have to get my camera fixed soon…. See you around! Dom

    • Yes, Dom, it didn’t turn out too badly considering both the twig, and the camera were hand-held. I wish I had taken a photograph with my macro lens.

  2. Hmm . . . I have heard that aliens live amongst us, and I have seen plenty of evidence that Neanderthals aren’t extinct. Am I to understand from your comment that you are a visitor you our planet? 😉

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