Empty snail shell on a fungus.

8th December 2012: Now did someone place the shell on the fungus, or did the fungus grow under the shell? We will never know!


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    • You might be right, Vicki. I prefer to think of the fungus slowly growing beneath the snail shell, elevating it for all to see. The fungus is a plinth meant the exhibit a work of art; isn’t this explanation more romantic?

      • What! You believe my romantic scenario to be fanciful? You don’t believe such a thing could possibly happen in the real world, Patricia? Many stranger things happen on Wilden Marsh. I refrain from posting my more unusual finds for fear of ridicule. I am thinking that you that might not even believe in hobgoblins and gnomes. I think if you were to accompany me on one of my nighttime marshing forays, you would quickly change your mind. 😉

      • I used to hike in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula east of Seattle, WA in the 70’s Mike, and until you have camped in Hobbit land, you don’t understand the magic of the moss people. I don’t dis-believe in the wonders of nature. You capture the results of the magic daily.

      • Ok. I believe you, Patricia. I bet Olympic Peninsula east of Seattle, WA in the 70′s is not as scary as Wilden Marsh in the 2010s. 🙂

  1. Thanks, Melisa. The marsh has many such jewels just waiting to be found. However, not everyone appreciates the grotesque side of nature. 🙂

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