Orb Weaver Spider.

30th November 2012: I had a big, bright, round moon and spiders for company this evening. The insects must have been tucked up safely in their homes, sheltering from the minus three degrees temperature. Spiders are tough little creatures that are prepared to brave all weather conditions.

The venomous orb weaver spider begins building its web by floating a silken tread in the breeze until it makes contact with another surface. It then drops another line, forming a Y,  before weaving the flat, radial orb web from which the spider gets its name. This little arachnid has eight eyes, one for each of its eight legs. Its sight is not very good though; it relies on its legs to sense the vibrations of its prey struggling on the web. If something venomous is trapped within the web, such as a wasp, the spider will wrap it in silken cocoon.

A female orb spider lays clutches of several hundred eggs wrapped in a bag. In cold weather, she will wrap the bag in silk. Her life span is said to be one to two years. Legend has it that she will probably die in the first winter frost, but I don’t think this is true.

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  1. I like these commentary with your wonderful photographs – educational. Also you appear to be a hardy species to be out in the cold dark nights to get these stunning images.

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