4th November 2012: Wasps take advantage the ivy’s late nectar offerings, but there are few to be seen on the flowers. The ivy bush is twelve to fifteen feet wide and ten feet high. I will probably see one or two wasps during my nightly inspection of the flowers with my torch. The evening temperature is below 4 degrees centigrade (38 F), and the wasps move very, very slowly. If they lose their grip, they fall to the ground and crawl into the leaf litter.

I think I captured this wasp’s death throes last night. I passed the ivy bush this morning and the wasp was in the same position on the flower, but it is no longer of this world. The wasp is now dead, long live the wasp!  On the plus side, and image of the wasp alive, and of its corpse, will live on in cyber space. 🙂

The living wasp.

The corpse.

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  1. Thank you. The penalty for being born to this world is death. There is no escaping the sentence.

  2. we didn´t have this flowering ivy in the states where i lived, and i will never forget the first time i decided to inspect one closely in the fall. i stood looking at it, heard the immense buzzing first, quickly stepped back, looked again, stepped in again. amazing! i´m sorry for this little creature too, but i´m really glad it died right here doing what it was born for. may we all suffer such a kind destiny! thanks for the pictures, i really enjoyed the spider too.

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