17 thoughts on “Spike, my seven year old cocker spaniel field dog.

  1. Your “field dog”, Mike? What are his official duties, if I may ask? Whatever he does, seems he has great fun getting wet! Seriously – a question about your deer. i was reading an American woman’s post the other day and she said that a 5 year old buck was considered old, in the Shenandoah mountains, and i was amazed. How old do the dear in Wilden Marsh live to be?


  2. Spike doesn’t have any warden related duties; he is not allowed on the marsh.

    Muntjac deer bucks can live up to 16 years, and the does 19 years.

    Spike is never happier than when he is frolicking in water. He is a very strong swimmer and has webbed feet.


    • Spike is a dog of great presence when he is out in the wood: a proper alpha male. He is very protective of me and hardly lets me out of his sight. At home, he is a real nuisance, barking at every sound and stealing my two-year-old grandson’s biscuits and toast.


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