A Fluffy Feather.

16th October 2012: This feather fluttered down from a tree as I walked through Hoo Wood this evening. It landed on a dried ragwort stem, right in front of my lens.

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  1. Obviously you were MEANT to photograph it (when it landed like that).
    It looks so soft & downy.

    • Hmm! I didn’t photograph the feather with art in mind, Alex. I thought of it as a feather falling from a rousting pigeon in a tree. If I was trying to express or convey an emotion, or communicate a value in an obscure way, then it might be considered art. I’m not that clever. I just thought: feather, and was motivated to prolong its image. If my image encourages a person to ponder the existence of the feather, is this art I wonder? 😉

      Thanks very much for your comment.

      • Someone asked me what is art 10 minutes ago. I am going to be thinking about that for sometime.

        Some artists consider their art to be the process rather than the finished product Nature is a process in constant motion, and thus is living art. The photographer captures moments of this shifting natural canvas, but needs an artists eye to frame it so that the essence of what they see may be also seen by others. In my humble view photography is art.

      • In order to respond objectively, I think I would need to look more deeply into the recesses of my mind than I have for a long while. I agree that photography can be art, if that is the photographer’s intention. I get most of my images from Wilden Marsh and Hoo Wood to record how I see nature. I think I see nature as the artist, I just point and click. On the other hand, if I set out to record nature as art, I would enjoy the challenge; perhaps, subconsciously, I am doing so already.

        I didn’t have to delve very deeply after all, Alex. 🙂

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