Badger in the night. (Camera trapped)

5th October 2012: He’s a big boy!

This brown rat triggered the camera 15 times.

16 Comments on “Badger in the night. (Camera trapped)

    • The are many more badgers ti be bbe photographed yet. Phil. I expevt a few more rats will turn up, too.

  1. Wow, you did catch a badger! I guess you may be able to tell I am reading backward.

    • I have many badger images, Tom. At the moment, I am taking the images on my terms, and that’s a little more difficult. 🙂

  2. I love the camera trap devices, I only wish they used better cameras on them for better quality images. That badger is impressive creature.

  3. Better camera traps are out there, Mark; it’s a matter of how much spare money you have available.

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