Waiting for a badger to pass by.

1st October 2012: I am busily mapping the nighttime movements of badgers at the moment, or should I say that I am hoping to map the nighttime movements of badgers. My camera traps haven’t caught any badgers yet. I’ve initially restricted my monitoring to one particular place on the marsh: an animal crossroad, if you like. In an attempt to avoid attracting every animal living on the marsh to my camera traps, I am not baiting the area. I have a feeling I’m in for the long haul with this project, and I am not at all certain that it won’t eventually defeat me. I’m giving it a go anyway! I have allowed myself a month to get workable results, but it will most likely take longer; it always does: two months, perhaps.

My time of the year is fast approaching. When summertime ends and the leaves fall from the trees, I begin watching animals in the dark. It’s a more productive time to watch; the animals and their tracks become more easily visible. I don’t have super nighttime eyesight, and I don’t eat lots of carrots. What I do have is a 5X night-vision scope to make this nighttime animal watching malarkey possible. My camera traps give me a good indication of where and when I am likely to find the animals, and my night scope is my enabler.

I suppose someone will ask why I am mapping the badgers nighttime movements. Well, I would like to understand their feeding and foraging routines and patterns. This is not a practical daytime task; I’ve done as much as I can do in daylight. After all, badgers are nocturnal! I don’t expect that this will be an easy project, far from it, but all journeys begin with a single step.

The fox is the first marsh animal caught by my crossroad camera trap. The foxes are the most frequent visitors to my camera traps, no matter where I place them on the marsh. Soon it will be the badgers turn – I hope!

6 thoughts on “Waiting for a badger to pass by.

  1. Fascinating stuff Mike!! It is rare to see malarkey, carrots, night vision, and badgers all mentioned in one post. Great information on what you are doing and the efforts you are going to to achieve them. I, like many others I am sure, anxiously await the results. Thanks for sharing.


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