Badgering again this evening.

3rd October 2012:  The marsh badgers are sleeping out at night, as are the foxes and muntjac deer. I see their grass beds as I wander the marsh. I am also seeing a lot of badgers’ poo – great big black piles of it! It might be because I am looking for badger related things at the moment that I am seeing so much of it. I see a fair amount of foxes’ and munjacs’ poo, too. Badgers dig small scrapes in the ground – not always – called latrines, into which they defecate. They make use of latrines to demarcate territorial boundaries.

Badgers like to sleep on open ground, hidden by long grass, from where they can of smell and hear approaching danger.

Foxes sleep in open areas. They also bed down in long grass close to a track, bush or near a rabbit run. The fox likes to combine ambushing prey with resting.

The muntjac deer sleep in open areas, too. They will lie down in long grass out of sight, under a bush or low leafy branch.

It is very confusing trying to sort out who has slept in which bed. I understand that people experience a similar problems with bears.

My crossroad camera trap caught a fox again. I made the mistake of failing to switch on a second camera trap, which is very annoying; especially since there was pawing of the ground in front of it – typical!

It’s a Wilden Marsh volunteer workday tomorrow.

12 Comments on “Badgering again this evening.

  1. Nice post Mike thanks. It’s strange but this Badger Cull has got me wound up like an Animal Activist! This Government appear to be screwing up everything they touch. Unfortunately, I voted for them, but not next time if this cull goes ahead. We managed to stop it in Wales. The good old Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) seemed to have listened to the people for a change.
    Did you see the Countryfile episode on Sunday it came from Magor Marsh NR. Magor is my local I live just 3 miles from it and feel very lucky.

    Good luck with your Badgers.



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