30th September 2012: I stumbled on a couple of fresh badgers setts this evening. They are very well hidden with large entrances. They are constructed slightly differently to other long-established examples on the marsh. Two main entrances about six metres apart have been dug horizontally straight into an earth bank. The main tunnels are driven horizontally at 90 degrees off the main entrances: at 9 O’clock, in the left-hand sett and 3 O’clock in the right-hand sett.

The usual construction method used by the marsh badgers is to clear a ledge into a bank, dig down a couple of feet vertically, before driving a tunnel horizontally into the earth bank.

These new setts might have been dug by experienced off-marsh badgers; there are no obvious routes to and from the entrances. Access tunnels have been driven aboveground through thick bramble bushes. These emerge onto at least one general track, one hundred metres away.

I have had a camera trap placed high up at the main marsh badger setts all year. It gives an overview of the setts; it takes fifteen second video of anything than moves in the general vicinity. I will have to put a camera trap at these new setts to see what’s going on.

There has been more evidence of badgers digging for food on the marsh over the last four to six-weeks than I have seen in earlier years; certainly, I have come across more of their latrines lately.

Comma Butterfly.

8 Comments on “Badgers!

    • They are a bit unpredictable at the moment. I’m in the middle of finding out their movements with a couple of camera traps.


  1. Beautiful photo & lovely colours.
    Will look forward to hearing more about the badger setts in future posts.


  2. I have taken many photographs of Comma butterflies this year, and your one here beats them all.


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