Bee Nest Update.

23rd September 2012: It was pouring with rain when I arrived at the nest early this afternoon. The bees were huddled on the southern and western sides and in between the combs, out of the driving rain. This presented an opportunity to photograph the naked comb structure. There were still many bees leaving and arriving on and from their pollen gathering runs. There wasn’t a lot of activity from the bees that remained on the combs.



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  1. Hexagonal cells stacked in that way is the most energy efficient method of comb construction (i.e. it uses the minimum of wax). Evolution has selected for this construction technique in bees through a process of natural selection over millions of years. A perfectly rational explanation for the comb’s shape, but I still find it beautiful and a natural wonder.

  2. That is just too amazing….What a wonderful series you now have of this hive..just a treat to be able to see this,Thanks!

  3. Having only just linked up with you Mike these are the first pics I have seen of this Hive. What excellent photos and what an amazing record. Fantastic and thank you for sharing them.

    • Thanks, Jason. Annoyingly, your blog will not let me comment, neither will Pam’s blog, nor the Worcester Wildlife Volunteers blog. I hope your blog provider hasn’t banned me.:(

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